Physics lessons

To make your preparation for the physics examination both interesting and successful, it isn’t enough to know why a rainbow has its range of colours or why the Sun does not go out despite there being no oxygen in space.

How does the Internet work and how was electricity invented? Mokosi tutors will reveal the secrets of physics and deny the law that this subject is only for the chosen ones, and learning it is difficult and boring.

Individualised and useful

A physics teacher will teach you educational material that is prepared individually for you, so you dive into only those topics which you need. You will review the knowledge you learned in earlier years, and if necessary, you will learn newly-taught material. Learning will be interesting, easy and, most important of all, useful.

Interesting and practical

During the lessons, you will solve problems, learn physics terms and laws, remember physics formulas that you will need for the examination and other assessments, and receive all the information you want and need about the science of the universe, physics. All of the educational material is taught especially clearly, with practical examples and associative thinking.

Developing a learner’s thinking

To develop logical and analytical thinking, the learner is encouraged to ask as many questions as are of interest, and to solve additional problems. In addition, to make preparation for the physics examination less scary, we acquaint the learner with the structure of the examination and the tasks that are most often found on the examination.

Start teaching today

Join the tutors at MOKOSI right now and help to develop even more talented and eager learners.

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