Lithuanian language lessons

Do you know what the difference between “tritaškis” and “daugtaškis” is? Or why the base of the hills in “Anykščių šilelis” by Antanas Baranauskas is bare? The castle in Trakai may be overgrown with lichens and fungi, but not your knowledge of Lithuanian! Get ready to pull up your sleeves for some serious language work, because Lithuanian is more than just proper placement of commas and ogoneks (diacritic hooks on certain vowels), but also the art of expressing your thoughts in the most elegant way possible.

If you want to avoid fines from the State Commission of the Lithuanian Language, our professional Lithuanian-language tutors will help you express your ideas more clearly orally and in writing, and prepare for important assessments or the state language examination without unnecessary anxiety.

Useful and practical

Learners are taught not only the rules and essential literature of the Lithuanian language, but are also encouraged to enjoy Lithuanian and to understand that excellent writing skills and speaking competencies are a tremendous advantage in many areas.

Individualised learning

Lithuanian-language tutors make an individualised curriculum for each learner. During lessons, not only theory is learned, but also many practical assignments are solved, seeking to improve the learner’s writing skills and familiarise the learner with the literature.

Not just for pupils

The Lithuanian language is not just for pupils; everybody who wants to improve their language ability and expand their vocabulary can learn the subtleties of language, style, grammar, punctuation and literature.

Start teaching today

Join the tutors at MOKOSI right now and help to develop even more talented and eager learners.

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