Earn by working online

Your financial success depends only on the workload you choose. Plan your own work time and your earnings yourself, just like you’ve always dreamed of doing.

You will find more learners

The flow of learners on our learning platform is large and stable, so you don’t need to worry about not having enough lessons.

Plan your own lessons

An especially flexible work schedule and the opportunity to balance work and study will let you plan your workload the way you want.

Exceptional opportunities





200 000€

Total money earned

10 000+

Successful lessons

How do I become a tutor?


On the registration form, give us your personal data, professional competencies and the subject you want to teach.

Present yourself

Prepare a short video clip about yourself, why you want to become a tutor and what your personal characteristics are.

Start teaching

Fill in the lesson timetable, what times you are available to teach. A learner will show interest, and off you go to your lessons.

Preliminari atlygio skaičiuoklė

Jūsų preliminarus uždarbis už 10 dėstymo val.

0 Eur

Detalią pajamų ir mokesčių sumą apskaičiuokite čia

Dažniausiai užduodami klausimai

How do lessons take place?

After a learner registers for your lesson, you will receive confirmation of the lesson by email and SMS. At the agreed time, you connect to the lesson. After the lesson, you write a short report (up to 160 symbols) about the topic of the lesson, the results and recommendations for further learning.

In what subjects are you looking for tutors?

We are always looking for good specialists. At present, we are especially looking for tutors in Lithuanian and English, mathematics, history, geography, biology, chemistry, IT, physics, and primary education, to join our team.

Will I have to pay a registration fee or some other fee when I join your team?

You can register and become a part of the LectorPro team completely free of charge. Lesson prices and the fees applied to lessons are discussed with each tutor individually. *A monthly fee of 5 euros is applied if you have at least 1 lesson.

How do I become a Mokosi.lt tutor?

Most important of all, if you want to become one of our tutors you need to be a specialist in your field, to love learning, to be able to easily interact with learners, and to have a certain level of computer literacy. Then you just need to register using the registration form, to upload a short video clip about yourself (we can help) and to complete the schedule of availability for lessons.

Raise your level of qualification

Interactive lessons and the different learners you meet will let you improve in the profession and become an even better professional.

Start teaching today

Join the tutors at MOKOSI right now and help to develop even more talented and eager learners.

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