IT lessons

What do the following things have in common? Your favourite video games; an online shop; an RC airplane transmitter; a robot vacuum cleaner. The answer: IT and programming. It is precisely this popular branch of technology that lets you dive into any branch of industry and create something impressive, because creativity is the very essence of this science.

Individualised and useful

IT tutors can offer a broad spectrum of IT lessons. Learners are prepared for assessments, examinations and various academic olympiads. If the learners needs and wants such lessons, the fundamentals of programming are learned, and the learner gets acquainted with different programming languages. All IT tasks are prepared by taking into account the level of the learner’s knowledge and the learner’s needs.

Practical and interesting

Learning IT has never been as interesting as it is today. These IT courses are for anybody who needs the basics of IT as well as a more advanced understanding of IT and programming. Everybody can learn, including pupils preparing for the examination and adults who need to improve their computer literacy.

Developing a learner’s thinking skills

Learners are encouraged to independently perform the IT and programming tasks assigned by the IT tutor. Such practical works improve the learner’s logical and analytical thinking skills, encouraging the learner to understand and grasp the benefits of IT and to make use of them in the future. Activities are coordinated with the learner’s hobbies and the speciality in which the learner is interested.

Start teaching today

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