English language lessons

Is Big Ben already part of your travel plans? Or maybe you’re dreaming of taking a trip across the Atlantic? Dreams will just remain dreams if your English language ability stays where it is, because you won’t be able to communicate the way you want. It’s time to become more active and really master the English language with Mokosi tutors.

Individualised and interesting

The teacher, taking into account each learner’s skills, will prepare a specially-made curriculum for the learner. If your problem is grammar, then you’ll work together with the teacher from the ground up on the rules of English grammar. Afraid to speak? Then the teacher will focus on speaking skills.

Practical and useful

English-language tutors will help you learn English in a simpler way. Watching the learner’s progress, the tutor assigns tasks of increasing complexity, and makes individualized recommendations for additional independent study at home.

Not just for pupils

English-language lessons online are not only for pupils, but also for all those who wish to improve their knowledge of English, or to rediscover the language. One of the most popular and most necessary languages in the world, English is taught on the MOKOSI platform not only by professionals, but also by enthusiasts who eagerly share their knowledge at a flexible cost.

Start teaching today

Join the tutors at MOKOSI right now and help to develop even more talented and eager learners.

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