Other languages tutors

A new language opens up broad possibilities: being able to speak the local language while traveling, achieving better results in professional activities, as a result now that old native French film sounds completely different. Experienced teachers will teach Russian, German, French and also other exotic languages of the world.

Individual and interesting

Your chosen languages will be taught by professional teachers who will take your needs into account and create a curriculum specifically for you. The training material is presented in an interesting way, with practical tasks to make the learning process easier and more fun.

Practical and useful

When learning a foreign language, it is helpful to know where you want to use that language and what your goals are. If you need a new language at work, teachers will take this into account and focus on improving your professional knowledge. If you want to broaden your speaking skills while traveling, you will learn the subtleties of your chosen language.

For everyone

The new language learning program is suitable for everyone. If you think you need help with a new language our experienced teachers will be happy to help.

Start teaching today

Join the tutors at MOKOSI right now and help to develop even more talented and eager learners.

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