How much does one lesson cost?

Each teacher sets the price of a particular lesson individually.

Does learning only take place online?

Yes, learning with tutors only takes place online, by organising online lessons.

In what languages is it possible to learn?

All lessons take place in Lithuanian, unless the tutor indicates otherwise.

How long does one online lesson take?

One lesson takes 55 minutes.

How do lessons take place?

The learner, having registered for a lesson, should receive confirmation from the teacher by email and SMS. At the agreed time, the learner connects to the lesson, diligently performs all the tasks prepared by the teacher and together they climb toward the Olympus of knowledge.

Can a learner ask for a one-time consultation?

Of course! That is one of our advantages; we help only when needed, without any agreements or long-term obligations. You’ve run into trouble while preparing for a quiz? Tutors can quickly help you to figure out a topic that is giving you trouble. Or maybe an examination is approaching? In that case, teachers will draw up a longer learning plan.

Are only individual lessons available, or do learners work together in groups?

You can choose from 4 learning options:

  • individualised learning
  • learning in a pair
  • learning in a group of up to 4 learners
  • learning in a group of up to 15 learners

Individualised work with a learner is recommended when learning especially difficult topics that the learner has not understood. Learning in a pair and in a group of up to 4 learners is especially effective when learning a foreign language. Larger groups of learners are typically used when preparing for examinations.

Learners of what age may learn with tutors?

“It is never too late to learn” is the rule our teachers follow, so they welcome shy primary-class pupils as well as pupils preparing for the state school-leaving examinations. Students in college and university also often join online lessons (especially during the examination session), as do adults, who, for example, want to learn English.

What subjects are taught during online lessons?

In our virtual school, we teach Lithuanian, English, mathematics, history, geography, biology, chemistry, IT, physics and primary education. Not only the general curriculum is taught, but also supplemental material which provides a broader understanding of a particular topic.

Are practical tasks prepared for learners?

Practice is when everything works but nobody knows why. Theory is when everybody knows everything but nothing works. Our tutors share the point of view that theoretical learning by itself is not so effective, so there certainly will be practical tasks. Of course, each lesson is individualised and adapted to the learner’s needs.

On what days and at what hours do the lessons take place?

It is no secret that our productivity differs, depending on the time of day; some work and learn best in the morning, others get a second wind well into the afternoon. Our lessons are organised from early morning to late evening, so you will be able to find a convenient time to learn.

Do lessons take place at weekends?

If the tutor you need has indicated in their schedule of availability that lessons take place on Saturdays and/or Sundays, you can be sure that lessons will take place at weekends.

Will I get a recording of the lesson?

We respect our tutors’ intellectual property and we do not record lessons.

In what environment do the lessons take place?

Classes take place in a UNICKO teaching environment adapted to lead the lesson. In addition, the learning environment is virtual, so no special applications need to be downloaded or installed on your device.

Do I need to have a microphone and camera?

Yes, it is desirable to have a microphone and a camera, this will make it easier to communicate with the teacher and attend the lesson.

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