Geography lessons

Did you know that the capital of Australia is Canberra, and that Malta is the same size as Vilnius, and that Tecktonik can mean something other than a dance? If you did, then geography is the thing for you. Even if you have already paged through every atlas of the world, as you prepare for an assessment or an examination the information you get will give you a broader understanding of our universe.

A broad theoretical understanding

Learners are taught not only the general geography curriculum, but also supplemental theoretical material. Depending on the learner’s wishes and the speciality the learner wants to study, the particular area of geography is chosen, such as social, economic, physical or another.

Individualised learning

A professional geography teacher, having assessed the level of the learner’s knowedge, prepares individualised tasks to develop the learner’s logical and analytical thinking skills. Learners are encouraged to solve interactive practical problems and to take an interest in geographic phenomena around the world.

Thorough and practical

Learners are encouraged to see the discipline of geography from a broader perspective, to connect different topics about the structure of the world into an integrated whole, to understand the causes of phenomena and the influence they have on the future development of the world. Learners are prepared for assessments, the examination and the national academic olympiad.

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