Agapi Keshishyan

I am Agapi, a student at LCC International University, who is full of positivity, enthusiasm, and unlimited energy. I love teaching and being taught. I am fluent in English and my TOEFL score is 92. I got accepted to 3 universities, participated in several contests, and won them. I participated in the following programs: 1. National Public Speaking competition-2021 2. ” Development prospects” project-2019-2020(business training) 3. Lit Strong Words Contest-2020- volunteer 4. Lit Strong Words Contest-2020- participant, winner 5. Lit Strong Words contest summer school-2019 6. National Poetry Recitation Contest-2019, the winner I have professional skills, such as communication, responsibility, teamwork, patience, time-management, self-motivation, motivation techniques. I love singing and listening to music. I have a sense of humor, and my lessons will never be boring, but rather interesting, informational, motivating, and full of positivity. Also, I can work with people of any age.

Individualios pamokos kaina:
€11.5/ pam.

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