What do learners think about Mokosi.lt?

Thanks to MOKOSI.lt team! My result from the Lithuanian language and literature state exam is 100 points!

Graduate Adriana

I am truly thankful to MOKOSI.lt team and the Biology teachers for their help when helping me achieve my goal. Thanks to the friendly and erudite MOKOSI.lt team, I was able to get the highest result- 100 points at my Biology state exam. It is an amazing investment to your future!

Graduate Laura

I want to express my greatest gratitude to MOKOSI.lt team for the knowledge, experience and attention which helped me gain the highest result in Biology exam! I would highly recommend the course, because it can definitely help you achieve your future goals. Thank you!

Graduate Ernestas

Huge thanks to MOKOSI.lt team and teachers of the Lithuanian language for effective and interesting lessons, which helped me achieve the highest result in the state exam! The lessons not only made the learning process at school more fluent, but also inspired me to study my native language in details, encouraged me to participate in different competitions and create!

Graduate Greta

I would like to wholeheartedly thank the Lithuanian language and Mathematics teachers. who were brilliant at explaining new topics and providing support throughout. Over the course of two months the Lithuanian language teacher went through all the basics and most importantly revised all authors and their works of literature. This led to excellent results in state exams. Thank you!