Primary education

A good start is half the work


The knowledge learned in the primary classes becomes the foundation for successful learning in the future. Sometimes, that foundation starts to crack when homework for young learners leads straight to an unpleasant argument and the silent treatment. Less anger means more time for fun.

To ensure that the ogonek (a diacritic mark used under vowels) and capital letters, and multiplication and division, do not cause so many problems, and to promote peace and quiet at home, our friendly and cheerful primary education tutors will help pupils in the primary classes.

Individualised learning

Taking into account the level of the learner’s knowledge, primary education tutors prepare an individualised curriculum. During lessons, the theory of mathematics and Lithuanian language is learned, and topics causing the most questions are explored. The educational material is presented in an interesting way, to keep the learning process fun.

Practical and useful

Interesting practical tasks for fully absorbing knowledge help the pupil remember subjects more easily. During new lessons, the prior topic is reviewed, the theory is repeated, and the pupil is encouraged to ask questions, not to be afraid, and to actively participate in lessons.

Developing the pupil’s thinking skills

Pupils together with the teacher solve interactive practical tasks and in this way develop their thinking skills and understanding. Pupils are given additional homework to encourage independence and the ability to perform tasks on their own. During the next lesson, the homework tasks are checked.

Recommended primary education teachers

Students feedback

I am pleased to have an opportunity to join the best tutors team. What surprised me the most was the possibility to arrange my timetable and be personally responsible for my financial success.


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