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Mathematics and problem-solving are like alpha and omega: everything starts with a simple 2+2, and ends with complex equations. Of course, this isn’t just numbers, algorithms, equations or spatial objects. Here, you need a deeper understanding, logic and the ability to see at least some mathematics in the things that are all around us.

Do you want not just to solve problems perfectly, but also to see mathematics from a little different angle? Professional mathematics teachers will help you. Teachers who know that mathematics can be understood by everybody. Teachers who know they just need to find the right learning method for each learner.

Practical examples

The mathematics teachers do their best to present the educational material to learners in language that makes sense, using practical, real-life examples to help learners fully understand the topic.

Interactive tasks

Learners are given a lot of complex tasks, to develop their logical and analytical thinking. Learners are encouraged to ask as many questions as they want, to identify problem areas.

Individualised learning

Teaching is done based not only on a general curriculum, but also taking into consideration each learner’s abilities and level of knowledge. If necessary, topics already covered in the past are also reviewed again.

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