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Back to the future: history seen through a different lens


There probably isn’t much argument about when the Battle of Žalgiris began or when the Second World War ended. But do you know why those events occurred? When learning the most important historical events, the real task is not to memorise dates, but to understand the reasons for these events and their consequences and influence on the flow of future events.

If you too want to conquer the entire world of history and capture a 10 on a quiz or a 100 on an examination without too much effort, our professional history tutors will help you, and they will disprove the myth that history is just mountains of theory and boring dates.

An interesting learning process

In history lessons, the goal is not just to check whatever knowledge has been learned in school or to memorise dates or the names of battles, but to see history with a broader perspective: to connect historical events, to understand their causes and their connection with the future. In this way, the learning process becomes much more interesting.

Encouraging the learner’s understanding

History is learned not in terms of detailed topics, but by trying to create a coherent understanding of history. Time-tested educational methods help learners better remember the necessary concepts and the most important historical events. To develop the learner’s interpretive abilities, historical sources are read and various assignments are performed.

Individualised and useful

History tutors take into account each learner’s level of knowledge and create an individualised curriculum. As an assessment approaches, particular topics are learned, and when preparing for examinations, the history examination programme is reviewed and difficult topics are explored in greater detail.

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