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Be like a proton: stay positive


Even if there are just a few weeks left before an important assessment, don’t give up, stay optimistic and positive, because it is never too late to learn chemistry. After all, the fundamental task of chemistry is to understand the nature of the things surrounding us and to figure out their composition. How do these processes happen? Materials are broken down into small particles or joined together into one integral whole. Just like these chemical processes, your knowledge of chemistry will come together in a perfect quiz or examination score.

If you too want to explore the secrets of things, to understand their composition, to find the answers to all the questions you have and maybe even to become the next Mendeleev, our chemistry tutors will help you. Working with them will certainly be interesting.

Individualised and useful

Experienced chemistry teachers will connect theoretical knowledge with its practical application in the environment, so the learner will be able to understand how the chemical process takes place and will develop logical and analytical thinking. Each learner is worked with individually.

Interactive experiments

Chemical reactions, material properties, their structure and the processes by which they change are presented visually, with interactive tasks, to make the learning process more understandable. Some experiments can safely be performed by the learner at home.

Thorough and useful advice

To make preparing for the chemistry examination or other assessment less scary, tutors and learners work together to solve the most frequently-assigned tasks, and if necessary, review the programmes from prior years.

Recommended chemistry teachers

Student feedback

I am pleased to have an opportunity to join the best tutors team. What surprised me the most was the possibility to arrange my timetable and be personally responsible for my financial success.


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