Biology lessons

From Plants to People


You’re sure that your vocation is to care for animals, or maybe even to save human lives? Or maybe you’re interested in genetics or botany? Biology, the science of living nature and its laws, the origin of living organisms, their classification, evolution, structure, function, growth and distribution, will help you turn your wishes and dreams into reality.

Biology includes an especially broad spectrum of academic fields, and comprehensively understanding this science on your own can be difficult. Biology tutors will help you, connecting educational material with your interests and your future, and ensuring that you become a true biologist.

A broad theoretical understanding

The science of biology is one of the most complex and is among the broadest. Presentation of precisely systematised information helps learners understand faster and learn the necessary information.

Practical tasks

In lessons, learners are acquainted not just with theory, but also with interesting interactive practical tasks, to make their understanding of the world around us even broader.

Individualised learning

Our tutors help complete beginners as well as more advanced learners. Depending on their level of knowledge, an individualised learning system is created for each learner.

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